A soul-warming session held on sharing Hajj experiences

Every year millions of pilgrims travel all the way to Saudi Arabia to perform hajj, the obligatory pilgrimage upon every able Muslim. Performed on the last month of the Islamic calendar, Hajj is embedded with many symbolic acts of love and worship. As Muslims it is important that we understand the significance and meaning of this blessed pilgrimage. With this in mind Minhaj ul Quran Women League (Walsall) held an event entitled ‘Hajj: The journey of love’ focusing specifically on the history and significance of Hajj.

The programme started off with beautiful Tilawat of the Quran by sister Aleena (MWL Walsall General Secretary), followed by heart touching Hamd by Sister Haleema. The programme was also embedded with the Naat of Rasool (SAW) by Sister Qudsia and Sister Aleena, reawakening a desire and prayer within all those present that we may all be blessed with the journey to the lands of Allah and his Rasool (SAW).

“There are manifest signs in it, (one of which is) the station of Ibrahim (Abraham)” Surah Imran v 97. Using the lecture of Shaykh ul Islam Dr Mohammed Tahir-ul- Qadri, sister Yasmin (President MWL Walsall) used the above verse to discuss the historical origin of Hajj and its foundation of love for the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Within Surah Imran v 97, Allah highlights that amongst all the wonders of Hajj the manifest sign is that of Muqam e Ibrahim, the position at which Prophet Ibrahim (A.S) supplicated Allah with a heartfelt plea for the Promised Messenger to be from his offspring.

This act of love and reverence pleased Allah so much so, that this position has remained preserved and has been made a position of Nafl Prayer for every Haji who travels to Makkah. Sister Yasmin also discussed the origin of the Kabah from the time of Hazrat Adam (A.S) when the first Kabah on earth was set up in the barren city of Makkah directly below the Baitul Mamur- the Kabah of the Heavens.

However why was the order given by Allah for the Kabah, a place of worship to be built in a barren land with no people present for worship? Why also was the Baitul Mamur also located directly above this barren land? This barren land was to become the birth place of the beloved Messenger (SAW), meaning that the blessing of Hajj was nothing more than a gift of love between Allah and his Rasool (SAW).

Once the origin of Hajj had been discussed, Sister Mussarat Hussain (Vice President MWL UK) delivered a Urdu talk discussing the significance of each individual custom of Hajj and how each of these mandatory acts is nothing more than symbolic actions of Allahs chosen ones which were loved by Allah to such depths that they have been mandatory on all Muslims until the day of Qayamah. Sister.

Musarrat beautifully intertwined her talk with her own personal experiences, taking her audience on a visual journey through the pilgrimage from the emptiness of our homes to the beauty and wonders of Makkah and Madinah. The audience heard of the actions of Hazrat Hajra travelling from mount Safar to Mount Marwa in search of sustenance for her beloved son which became the mandatory action of Sa’ee, the act of the throwing of stones by Hazrat Ibrahim on to Shaytaan as he whispered in to the ears of Hazrat Ismael which became the mandatory act of Rami, as well as the miracles of the well of Zam Zam and the depths of love behind the act of Qurbani.

This approach to Sister Mussarats talk left the audience in awe of the relationship of love between Allah and his chosen servants. Concluding the event with Salaam upon the Beloved Messenger (SAW), the emotional audience left with the motivation of love to gain the most out of these blessed days of Hajj.