Nottingham: Spiritual gathering marks efforts for community empowerment

Alhumdulliah, Minhaj-ul-Quran Nottingham Women’s League held ‘halqaat’ at various locations in Nottingham under the guidance of Sister Kausar Yaqoob (Lenton), Sister Iram and Sister Salma Rafiq (West Bridgford).

Durood-e-Halqa all follow a similar format starting with recitation and translation of the Holy Quran followed by explanation of a Hadith. A speech of Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri is played that is pertinent and instructive to the time of year. Part of the gathering is devoted to the reciting of Durood, Zikar, salaam and Dua.

Campaigning for Eid ul Adha (Qurbani) met with enthusiasm as MQI provides a way for the most deserving in society to be reached.

Information regarding Al Hidayah camp was also been disseminated during ‘Halqat’.

MWL Nottingham was involved in various local activities. Sister Kausar and Sister Salma both held Tajweed classes. Also, a workshop was held with United Communities Network, which aimed to bring different ethnicities into mainstream society through confidence building courses.

Sister Kausar also held a highly successful workshop on bathing of the dead bodies and coffin. The local Muslim community continues to support Minhaj Welfare Foundation programs including Aghosh, tube wells and water pump project, and crisis response in Syria and Yemen. MWL continues to be a valuable source of guidance to the local community.